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How Much Does A WordPress Website Cost? How much to charge for it?

How much does a WordPress website cost or how much do I charge for it?

Every Monday is a great day because of #EspressoMonday, but today’s episode is much more special because we have Brent Weaver of Ugurus to address our question of the day. So before you get lost in the discussion, let’s get some espresso down our throat to complete this awesome Monday ritual and start the week right.

As already indicated in our title and headline, we will delve into another common question or dilemma faced by web designers. The question might often be asked by those who are still starting in the freelance world of web design. On the other hand, it can also be the dilemma of those who’ve been in the business for quite some time but still struggling about pricing, especially when faced with clients who want a much cheaper website.

The Price is Right

One of the dreams every web designer wish for is that they will be able to quote a price that won’t be contested by their clients. When we’re talking of price here, we are not talking about going cheap but getting the right price concurrent to the value you are bringing into the table.

So how do you charge your clients? How do you convert the effort and the time you’ve put in the project into money?

Unfortunately, you don’t just come up with the price in your head just because you want it. For example, not because $1K sounds nice, you’d charge your client $1K. On the other hand, pricing is not that complicated as you might want to think. In fact, it should not give you a sleepless night or cause you stress for that matter.

To be honest, however, this question is relative. It is like asking someone how long the string is without the specifics. That is because pricing depends on a lot of variables – the type of customer you have, the market they are in, the requirements, what you’re going to do for the client.

Let’s say someone calls you and tells you that they need a website set up on WordPress, you can imagine yourself calculating the numbers in your head. Is it worth a hundred dollars, a thousand dollars, or more?

If you are vying in the commodity space and your client comes to you with a certain specification, like how many pages, what type of content, or functionality, you might find yourself stuck with a few hundred dollars.

This amount might sound fair but let’s face it, it is not the amount that will help you achieve financial security. It might not even pay the running bills you have. So comes the question, how do you make a website that is worth thousands of dollars?

Building the 10K Website

In Ugurus, we have a program we call the 10K Boot Camp where we teach and challenge web professionals how to sell their thousand dollar website. What does it take for a website to be worth tens of thousands of dollars?

What goes into the formula is not really mystical or something new. Rather it is a combination of consultation, strategy, and vision to help your clients achieve the website beyond the specs they want. It also includes five important elements called design, development, content, strategy, and tactics.

When you always put these five factors in consideration every time you build a website, it doesn’t really matter what type of template you purchase on ThemeForest to build that website.


We always say it here in the 1WD community that websites are not just about the aesthetics. In fact. it’s just like a mantra we always tell community members that a good website isn’t just about how beautiful it looks to the visitor. Instead, when you design a website, you should grasp the vision of your client – what is he trying to achieve with that website you are building? Therefore, you design the website with your client’s goal in mind as well as the thinking whether the website will convert well or not.


When you think of development, you have to make sure that the website you are building is well-developed and well-tested. With all the different platforms and devices, these days, your client would want a responsive website. Does it work on different browsers? Does it function well on different devices?


Content is one of the most overlooked elements by web designers. They often think that as designers, they are just responsible for the technicalities as well as the aesthetics. So what happens is, they spend a lot of time making the design look great and when deadline is almost around the corner, they just fill in the blanks. So what the clients get is a great looking website with substandard content.

You will be surprised that you can earn more and command a higher price as a web professional if you know how to write. Why not? Call it beauty and brains – and we all know that it is a very lethal combination. Not to mention, very profitable as well.


When you finished building your client a website, it does not stop there. You add more value on the table as well as your pricing when you help them develop a strategy for their online business. Who wouldn’t want great advice, especially if it means generating more income for your business? It will also send your clients a message that you are a professional who knows what he or she is doing.


This includes different tactics that leads to more traffic and higher conversion rates. What kind of marketing tactics will work for this website and the industry your client is in?


Calculating the cost of the website isn’t just about how good it looks, but it involves different vital elements. The five factors mentioned above are very basic, but they are your foundation towards creating a thousand-dollar website. They are also your foundation towards a secure and fulfilling career as a web design professional.

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