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How to Start a Business: The Complete 15 Step Guide

When you order a cup of coffee, the transaction is usually quite straightforward. You order, pay, and wait until your order is ready. Simple! However, a potential business owner like yourself sees the end result of a process that’s well beyond what the consumer experiences. Lifting the veil behind that simple transaction will reveal the coffee beans, the employee, the cup, and so much more. All of this came from different places and wound up together as a result of a premeditated plan. And this is still only a fraction of the bigger picture.

Before you sell your first cup of coffee (so to speak), there’s a world of pre-planning tasks that a business owner must conquer. Whether you’re just starting to create your website or are in the midst of making your fledgling idea a reality, this guide will ensure you have your boxes checked, t’s crossed and i’s dotted.

Here are 15 steps on how to start your own small business:

  • Evaluate your decision

  • Form a business idea

  • Do your market research

  • Devise a business plan

  • Ask for feedback

  • Come up with a business name

  • Pick a business structure

  • Make your business official

  • Take care of your finances

  • Build your team

  • Design your logo and branding assets

  • Create a website

  • Choose a location

  • Promote your business

  • Learn and adapt

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