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Is this the end of Facebook Like counts?

Facebook is considering hiding Like counts on posts.

Facebook is considering a test that would hide Likes and reactions on its platform. This follows Facebook-owned Instagram's Like-removal trials in seven countries earlier this year. In the trials, users are able to see who has liked their own photos and videos, but they can't see a Like/reaction count on other people's posts. people's posts.

Facebook isn't the only social media platform changing the way it displays information. YouTube is also addressing wellbeing concerns by ceasing to display exact subscriber numbers for accounts with over 1,000 followers – for example by displaying 1.23K subscribers rather than 1,234.

It remains to be seen when and where these tests might commence, and how any changes could affect how social media is used. If no one can see a post's Likes apart from the post's creator, will anyone bother giving it the thumbs up?

Thank you Rosie Hilder

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