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Regular maintenance is an important part in any website. There may be talks self-maintenance VS professional maintenance. You cannot always look after your website you have lot things in your calendar to improve your business and to improve your team performance.At the same time, you can not leave your website. Two hands is always better than one plus regular maintenance will give your website the following benefitsAlways optimized website for optimum performanceYou are a step before your bad times with regular backupsSecure and safe website for both you and your website visitorsFixing the issues at the beginning itself when they are minor without affecting website performance.

We offer our Monthly Maintenance Plan, for websites built on WIX and Wordpress platform and includes 5 web design master hours per month to help with ongoing website maintenance, troubleshooting and support.


How Your Plan Works

Contract would start with a three-month minimum.

The Monthly Maintenance Plan includes 5 hours of consulting time that can be used for help from anyone on our company team.

The Monthly Maintenance Plan can be discontinued after the initial three-month contract with 30 days’ notice.


Features of Your Monthly Maintenance Plan

To help you visualize how we could work together, here are some specific ideas on how our clients use their Maintenance Plan.

Price $240 per month (max. 8 working hours per month)


Quarterly Check-in Call – Included in your plan is a 60-minute check-in (not deducted from your 4 hour retainer) to review with the our company staff work needed on your website.

Routine Site Checks – As we do for all Maintenance Clients, we will run our monthly diagnostics.

Website Support – Our live phone support hours are Mon-Fri 9am-4pm Chicago time.   You can also email us or use our electronic request submission system.  No matter how you choose to communicate with us, the work will get done. You are not limited to how often or which way you contact us, we’re here to assist you!

WordPress Maintenance – Part of the plan will also include weekly monitoring and updates of WordPress website.

Security Monitoring – All our Maintenance clients are monitored 24/7 for website uptime and malware/hacking attempts.


Website Work Included in Your Maintenance Plan

To help you visualize how we could work together, here are some specific ideas on how you can use the hours included in your Maintenance Plan. Not all of these tasks will be possible within a 5-hour time block, but any of these could be schedule for Maintenance using the time you have available.


Suggested Activities, just a few ideas:

Any Website Updates – Whether it’s editing existing pages, loading images, adding or removing pages, or posting a blog. We can do any changes, large or small.

Site Maps/Information Architecture – VKL Design will assist in putting together a content outline or site map to identify the number and content of the pages needed. Part of this process could include Competitive Analysis to review competitor sites for content ideas.

Image/Photo Editing – VKL design can also create any visuals needed for the new content, such has icons or stock photo selection.

Website Development –VKL Design can handle any final programming required to finish the site.

Manage Website Hosting –VKL Design can handle any issues that need to be addressed with your Website Hosting Vendor, such as: updating domain records, changing WordPress permalinks and testing for issues following any hosting updates.

Content Review – VKL Design would take one or a few pages of the website each month, review for code or formatting issues.

Routine Site Checks – VKL Design could run diagnostics to help identify any technical issues happening with your website.

Time Sensitive Posting – If you have content that needs to be posted on your website with specific dates, we can be your backup resource to make sure everything goes live on time.

Deploy Email Marketing – Send us the content and we can load and deploy your marketing emails, using your tool of choice.

Technical SEO – We encourage you to use your Maintenance Plan to maintain the help of your website. There are many technical updates that are required now or become required as Google changes its guidelines and algorithms. VKL Design actively studies these requirements, identifies changes needed and can implement that work on your website.

This list is not comprehensive, if you need help with something related to online marketing, just ask.

Prepaid monthly!

Monthly maintenance and updates website (3 month contract minimum)

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